Hummingbird Montessori offers a delightful indoor-

outdoor learning environment in a comfortable home

atmosphere. Our culturally diverse Montessori curriculum

incorporates a hands-on approach to teaching that

encourages children to be curious and explore their



This theory was created by Maria Montessori in

18th-century Italy, and has since expanded into western

culture as it became recognized as an effective method of

early childhood development.


The Montessori approach offers children a solid foundation

as they move into elementary school and beyond. As the

Common Core curriculum becomes more widely

implemented in public schools, this foundation will be crucial to a student’s success. Common Core requires the same kind of insightful and abstract thinking that the Montessori method encourages.


Beyond the educational benefits of a Montessori background, there are also many social benefits to having this unique foundation of learning. A large emphasis is placed on teaching children how to problem-solve and effectively communicate with others. The Montessori approach has been very helpful for families with children on the autism spectrum, and, similarly, we have seen it to ease many other learning and social disabilities.


Please read on to see how the Montessori theory is implemented in our school!


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