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Parent Testimonials

"My 4 year old daughter loved Hummingbird from the first day! And now I have put my second daughter in the school. She is 2.5 years old and she is loving it as much, if not more! If she dawdles in the morning I just remind her that she needs to get ready for Hummingbird and that has her running to get dressed and put on her shoes." -Sharmila

"I can't recommend Hummingbird Montessori highly enough. My daughter thrived at Hummingbird for 2 years. It's small and personal. Jeanne, the owner, is a caring and thoughtful teacher. My daughter learned everything she needed to know for Kindergarten both academically and socially and more importantly loved learning – she still does. The children work at their own pace, do lots of art and music, and they are encouraged to be independent and work as a community of learners."

"The Hummingbird teachers are very aware of each child's needs and do a great job fostering learning and encouraging play. My daughter is excited to tell me what she did every night and she has learned a lot since she started." –Katie

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"Hummingbird is truly a wonderful school. My daughter attended for 2 years. I loved the fact that the school is small and nurturing. The Montessori curriculum is very engaging - great materials and activities that children are drawn to and want to explore. Jeanne is great with the children, calm and reassuring. She really listens and teaches them how to communicate, treat each other kindly, and solve their problems together. The children care about each other, their school, and the larger world. My daughter's Hummingbird experience helped her learn so many skills and feel good about herself. She entered Kindergarten totally prepared, both academically and socially. I can't say enough good things about the school." -Wendy

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